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Reasons to surf in Cadiz and the 8 best surf beaches in the province

Are you looking for the perfect place to surf in Cadiz? With white sandy beaches and crystalline waters there are lots of reasons to surf in Cadiz: perfect waves, impressive backdrop, a relaxed welcoming vibe, surf schools and much more! In this introductory blog we showcase the best surf beaches in the province of Cadiz and give top advice to find the perfect beach according to your needs. Do you know which are the best beaches to surf in Cadiz or why you should practice this sport in Cadiz? Get ready to dive into the waves, just read on!


Where to surf in Cadiz? The best surf beaches in Cadiz.

El Palmar Beach, Vejer de la Frontera.

El Palmar has amazing waves and the conditions in the water are ideal for surfing from beginners all the way through to advanced levels. It is one of the best surf beaches in all of Europe and the waves get quite big. Hollow, fast, clean peaked A frame waves await experts and intermediate surfers. More surf schools than you can shake a stick at! Even if you are not a surfer its a great place to visit to hang out and relax on the beach. There are lots of beachfront bars and restaurants and you’ll always find something to do.

Bolonia Beach, Tarifa.

Bolonia beach is located near to Tarifa in the extreme south of the province. The waves here are among the best in the zone, converting it in a popular place to surf. The water is always crystal clear and the sand white and fine. There and lots of beach loungers and beach umbrellas for the visitors. Apart from the waves it is one of the most unspoilt and beautiful of places and a perfect place to relax and enjoy the sun and the sea.

Los Lances Beach, Tarifa

This beach is located in Tarifa quite close to Bolonia. It is one of the most popular beaches in Cadiz and also one of the best surf beaches. The waves are perfect for beginners and experts alike. Los Lances is also a great place to chill and sunbathe, it is a long wide beach and you’ll always find plenty of room to get your own spot. The sand is clean and the water crystalline. Super popular with kite surfers and windsurfers alike.

Balneario Beach Tarifa

The Balneario beach in Tarifa is one of the best spots to surf in Cadiz with world class waves. Apart from surfing there are lots of other activities, or you can just chill and soak up the sun or visit the many bars and restaurants here to eat or have a well Derserved drink after a long days surf.

Cortadura Beach in Barbate.

Cortadura beach, situated on the Atlantic Ocean is a popular place for surfers. The waves can get quit big here and there are lots of surf schools in the area allowing both beginners through advanced surfers to make the most of the spots. Its also a great place to simply chill and take in the amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Yerbabuena Beach Barbate.

North, up the coast from Tarifa this beach is in the coastal municipality of Barbate in the province of Cadiz. A popular place for surfers due to its amazing waves: It is a freight train right handed point break, not for the faint hearted or those that get rattled by intense localism. In a beautiful setting its also a great spot for fishing swimming and windsurfing.

Los Caños de Meca Beach, Barbate

Los Caños is a beautiful pristine beach located in the municipality of Barbate in Cadiz. Its back drop is the Breña national park with stunning sea cliffs and the famous Cape Trafalgar with its crystalline waters and amazing waves. It counts a punchy reef break, left and right point breaks and shifty beach breaks which make it one of the most popular surf destinations in Cadiz. It is also popular with kite and windsurfers. At el faro there is an amazing point break wave for long boarders and the other side of the cape lies a radical barreling shore-break for expert boogie borders.

Fontanilla Beach Conil.

A great place for surfing with ideal waves for beginners and intermediate surfers, protected from Levante and northerly winds by the stunning sea cliffs, long clean rides, beautiful scenery and crystal clear water along the coast.


Reasons to Surf in Cadiz

Cádiz is a wicked place to surf here on the edge of Europe. The city offers a variety of breaks and wave types and is a great place to learn to surf, the waves often smaller here than el Palmar and is more sheltered from winds, particularly north and Levante. Choose between La Playita, (Santa Maria del Mar our local surf spot)…the closest surf beach to the hostel with our dedicated local surf teacher Hugo, and Cortadura beach with more room and lots of surf schools and great waves. There are even hidden breaks right under your nose here, rarely ridden and for experts only. Perfect waves. When it’s on, the city offers some of the best conditions for surf in Europe, a great place for beginners and advanced surfers alike.

Ideal Climate.

Another reason to surf in Cadiz is the climate, A wonderful warm climate year round, winter waves in the sun! Great water temperature in the winter you’ll get away with a 3.2mm wet suit or a 4.3 if you really feel the cold just for a month or so.

Surf schools.

In Cadiz there are lots of schools to choose between and they offer classes to all levels. If you have never surfed before its a great place to start. The waves are rarely too big Though it can get heavy, and we can put you in contact with amazing teachers for individuals and groups.

Accesible Beaches

The surf beaches in Cadiz are easily accessed and can even offer surf opportunities to differently abled surfers and for beginners and advanced surfers alike! So we have laid out some of the best surf beaches in the whole of the province of Cadiz as well as some of the best reasons. Whether you are a beginner of an advanced surfer you won’t regret exploring this gem of a coast to ride waves. Apart from the surf why not dive in to the gastronomic culture of Cadiz Capital and all the other things to discover in the Capital of this amazing province. We await you in Casa Caracol for your stay!

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Are you looking for the perfect place to surf in Cadiz? With white sandy beaches and crystalline waters there are lots of reasons to surf in Cadiz: perfect waves, impressive backdrop, a relaxed welcoming vibe, surf schools and much more!
Cathedral, parks, beaches theatres, monuments and squares. Cádiz has a long history and a wealth of heritage and culture left behind by Phoenicians, Romans, Moorish conquerors and christians.