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Typical food of Cádiz: Local dishes that you should try when you visit Cádiz!

Are you heading to Cádiz and are not quite sure what local food to try?? Do you want to find out what are the tastiest local dishes?  The typical local foods combine a lot of sea food in their preparation, such as fish and shellfish given that Cádiz sits on a peninsula jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean. Furthermore the climate of Cádiz makes it ideal for amazing fruit and veg produce.

The typical food of Cádiz is not only healthy but also delicious and you will find great value for money! In this blog we will introduce you to some of the most popular dishes from Cádiz. Just keep reading!


What is a typical Cádiz dish?

Cádiz province is known for its sunny climate and for its beaches and shellfish. Food in Cádiz is highly influenced by its proximity to the sea. Fish and shellfish are quite common as are the use of wine and olive oil. If you are looking for a sunny place with great food and wine, Cádiz is the perfect place for you.



What are the most popular dishes in Cadiz

Without doubt the most popular local food in Cádiz is fried fish or pescaíto frito (little fried fish). Other popular dishes are fish or shell fish stews. The local gastronomy is highly varied and each place has its own special dish. In this article we will spill the beans on a wide selection of typical food from Cádiz so don’t miss out!



A selection of typical dishes from Cádiz.

As we said there are quite a few famous and typical dishes from Cádiz so here we go. Number one has to be Fried Fish or Pescaíto frito

This dish cannot be more typical of Cádiz it is really popular as the various fried fish shops point out….none more popular than in the Plaza de las Flores in Cádiz capital…. this typical dish involves deep frying locally caught fish such as sardines white bait and mackerel dog fish and cuttlefish as well as squid and fish roe. These are fried in olive oil and serves as tapas or small portions along with a wedge of lemon. As often as not served in a wrap of paper and ate on the sea wall with a bottle of cold beer….. what could be better?



Fried marinaded battered dog fish or Cazón en adobo

This is definitely one of the more common dishes served in Cádiz and is excellent. The batter usually has a hint of cumin and is elaborated with white wine vinegar and salt and is usually accompanied with boiled potatoes and a small salad of tomatoes and raw onions.

Shrimp tortillas or Tortillitas de camarones

Another favourite here in Cádiz. They are made with a light flour and beer batter and a sprinkling of whole shrimps which are deep fried in hot olive oil making the shrimps and the batter thin and crunchy. The best ones are made in Sanlúcar de Barrameda and when made thin with clean extra virgin olive oil they are amazing, they are often served with mayonnaise and are super popular as a starter in summertime. In the El Faro restaurante in Cádiz they are unbelievable!

Potatoes with Cuttlefish or Papas con chocos

This simple but tasty dish is made with potatoes cuttlefish extra virgin olive oil and a little turmeric giving it a typical flavour and yellow colour. Cuttle fish is really popular in Spain, it has a firm texture and a subtle  flavour. This dish can be served as a tapas or as a main dish and is often served with a simple salad of lettuce tomate and onion and is a great way to savour the delicious flavour of the cuttlefish.

Ortiguillas fritas Good luck with a translation for this little dish!

Ortiguillas are a small sea anemone found in the intertidal zone of the Iberia peninsular, they are plucked out by brave men and then deep fried with a similar batter to the dogfish. They have a high protein count and are green slimy and taste of the seas! Give them a go!

Turnip stew or Potaje de tagarninas

This plate is made from a spinach or chard like plant chick peas and Spanish oyster thistle and turnip . It is mostly a winter dish and can also be found in other parts of Andalusia. Tagarninas are a type of turnip found in Cádiz province. They have a white flesh and a stone flavour and are common in stews and is often served with a glut of olive oil and a chunk of bread.If you find yourself in the province of Cádiz in the winter be sure to try it!

Chicken Canilla style…. go on you translate this! Pollo a la canilla

Canilla style chicken is super popular in Cádiz. It is a dish of chicken made with a sauce of garlic olive oil white wine and red roasted peppers which give it its rich red colour and distinctive flavour. Very typical here in the province and is often served with potatoes and green beans….. tasty!

Typical puddings from Cádiz.

In Cádiz there are lots of different sweets or puddings, some of the most popular are rice pudding, flan sweet sticky biscuits called pestiños and gañotes….again I am at a loss for translation and buñuelos….. there are lots so give them a go!


These are a kind of fried bread biscuit  dipped in honey…..sticky and dry all at the same time…they give them away at the beginning of Carnaval in Cádiz on a day named after this sticky, crumbly, anise and  cinnamon flavoured nibble thing….. the day is called the Pestiñada and kicks of the pre Carnaval celebrations ending in much drunken frivolity you really have to had it to the Spanish and the locals in Cádiz they really know how to have a good time and if a little cake like this can kick of the maddest Carnival in Spain then it has to be worth a nibble!

Gañotes de Ubrique. Fuck me blind if I can come up with a translation for this!

Small cake like things typical of Ubrique filled with cream. If you find one just eat it! I have been here for 20 years and its a first for me but I bet they are tasty so give it a go!

Bread of Cadiz….Pan de Cádiz

Your guess is as good as mine but I am reliably told they are made from floured have cream on them……

Rice Pudding……Arroz con leche

Here we go just like in England! This creamy sweet rice pudding is made with rice milk sugar and vanilla it is served topped with cinnamon and nutmeg …..mmmmm comfort food!



Cádiz is a city with its own unique flavour thanks in part to its local gastronomy. If you are lucky enough to visit this Andalusian city be sure you try out these typical local dishes.  From tasty seafood stews to its sweet tooth puddings, there is something for all tastes here in Cádiz and often at a great price. Don’t miss out on the things you have to see in Cádiz. Any questions about what to see? We encourage you to get to know Hostel Casa Caracol! We await your visit and look forward to showing you around!

Are you heading to Cádiz and are not quite sure what local food to try?? Do you want to find out what are the tastiest local dishes? The typical local foods combine a lot of sea food in their preparation, such as fish and shellfish given that Cádiz sits on a peninsula jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean.
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